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#IndexAwards2017: Jensiat illustrates cyber security and sexuality in Iran

With public sexual health awareness low, the three people behind Jensiat, an online graphic novel, saw an opportunity to link the issue with cyber security

Global heroes battling censorship announced in Index Freedom of Expression Awards shortlist

Sixteen courageous individuals and organisations who fight for freedom of expression in every part of the world

6 May: Tehran Book Fair, Uncensored

Join the uncensored edition of the Tehran Book Fair, featuring books from independent Iranian publishers and a talk on censorship in the Middle East

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Here’s a roundup of some the most appalling religious freedom violations from across the globe.

After Charlie Hebdo: The free speech fight begins at home

Threats against freedom of expression come in all shapes and sizes. We need to stand up to the bullies together.

5 June: Rosewater film screening + Q&A with Maziar Bahari

This film screening, at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, will be followed by a discussion exploring the threats to, and limits of, our right to freedom of expression

The godfather of Iranian hip-hop wants grassroots change

Being a hip-hop artist in a country where the genre is banned comes with many challenges Iranian rapper Hichkas explains. Mari Shibata reports

Iran: Rouhani’s insistence on faster internet has staying power

While previous moves toward more openness in Iran have faltered, President Rouhani's call for faster connection speeds for internet users has carved out common ground with the country's supreme leader. Azadeh Moaveni writes

Group of death: The worst World Cup countries for free expression

Index has looked at the countries taking part in arguably the biggest show on earth, and put together our own group of death -- the freedom of expression edition

11 countries where you should think twice about insulting someone

Insult laws can be very easily manipulated by those in positions of power to shut down and punish criticism

Poetry of protest gives view into distant worlds

Maya Weeks explores the role of poetry in today's landscape of protest.