Category : Artistic Freedom

Spain: Historical amnesia on display

An artist is being sued for depicting Spanish dictator Francisco Franco jammed in a fridge. Miren Gutierrez examines the restrictions on art exploring the Spanish Civil War

British man faces jail under homophobic Ugandan law

Tomorrow theatre producer David Cecil will go back to court --- he could spend two years in a Ugandan jail for staging a play about homosexuality

US artwork that angered energy industry pulled — could it happen here?

In the US a controversial climate change sculpture was removed after it upset energy donors. Kevin Smith asks whether corporate sponsorship by companies like BP has an affect on UK artistic freedom

Of arts, bans and desires

Julia Farrington: Of bans and desires

Memories of Ai Weiwei

Julia Farrington: Memories of Ai Weiwei

Creative dissent in Syria

The Syrian regime has gone to great lengths to silence the satirical commentary of Ali Ferzat

Ai Wei Wei’s arrest changed China’s political landscape

The artist Ai Weiwei’s outspoken views are gaining currency. Simon Kirbyreflects on a change of mood in China as people lose faith in the Party

Poland: Metal singer cleared over Bible-ripping performance

A Polish judge has found a death metal singer not guilty of offending religious feeling, ruling that his act of ripping up a Bible during a show was a form of artistic expression. Adam Darski, who goes by the stage name Nergal and is the frontman for Behemoth, was charged after he tore up the […]

PAST EVENT: Index on Censorship and the Young Vic present “Belarus: Zone of Silence”

Jude Law, Ian McKellen, Sienna Miller and Samuel West take to the stage in support of the Belarus Free Theatre 5 December. Young Vic, London

USA: Art unleashed

alt informationIn this issue, Index on Censorship magazine offers arguments on the state of artistic freedom in the United States. The choice is yours.

The subversive eye

alt informationIn this special edition, Index goes to the movies to celebrate the extraordinary power of film and the allure of the silver screen.