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The abuse of history quiz

alt informationTry our quiz looking at how history is manipulated through the ages

#IndexAwards2018: Habari RDC merges young political minds to fight injustice online

alt informationThese bloggers and web activists give a voice to the opinions young people in the Democratic Republic of Congo

#IndexAwards2018: Team 29 fights for Russian free speech

alt informationThe human rights group of lawyers and journalists take up and report on high profile human rights cases in Russia.

#IndexAwards2018: Egytian Commission for Rights and Freedom advocates for a democratic Egypt

alt informationECRF has been fighting censorship and defending human rights through its criminal justice programme and online platform to bring students and practitioners online to discuss a student charter related to freedom of association in universities.

#IndexAwards2018: Banned novelist Abbad Yahya sheds light on the taboo

alt informationAbbad Yahya is a Palestinian writer whose fourth novel Crime in Ramallah has been banned for depictions of gay sex, as well as political commentary about fanaticism and religious extremism.

The amazing banned memes from China

alt informationChina is having a meme moment and it’s driving the censors mad

Subverting Censorship

alt informationCelebrate fifty years since the abolishment of theatre censorship in Britain and the Hays Code in American cinema.

Tracey Bagshaw: Is compromise compromising news?

alt informationCommercial interference pressures on the UK's regional papers are growing. Some worry that jeopardises their independence.

Jean-Paul Marthoz: Commercial interference in the European media

alt informationJean-Paul Marthoz explores how commercial interference can impact journalism in Europe.

Index rejects UK committee’s recommendation to outsource censorship

alt informationIndex on Censorship rejects many of the suggestions made in a report into intimidation of UK public officials by a committee tasked with examining standards in public life.

Jodie Ginsberg: Art and authoritarianism

alt informationBecause of the very nature of artistic expression itself: that the more ways the censors try to find to shut down the ideas, the beliefs they don’t like, the more artists find creative ways to express those same ideas.

Joanna Williams: Censorious feminism ultimately backfires

alt informationFeminism today appears to be more concerned with images than reality.