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Youth Advisory Board: Free speech issues around the world

For the past six months the Index on Censorship Youth Advisory Board has attended monthly online meetings to debate free speech issues and completed tasks

Index award-winning GreatFire launches groundbreaking new site to test VPNs in China

Anti-censorship group GreatFire have launched a new service that will help internet users inside China live test how well different VPNs are working in the country

Why is academic freedom important?

Academic freedom has been the subject of many debates in recent months. With speakers regularly being no-platformed

Staging Shakespearean Dissent: plays that protest, provoke and slip by the censors

Saturday 23 April marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. To honour the occasion Index has put together a list of all things Shakespeare.

Student reading list: theatre and censorship

Index on Censorship magazine Index has compiled a reading list of articles from the magazine archives covering the censorship of theatre.

Youth Advisory Board discuss censorship of art

For this month's task the youth board were asked to write a blog post about a piece of art that has either caused controversy or been banned in their country

Parents petition to remove Ariel Dorfman’s Death and the Maiden from school reading lists

Parents and students at a high school in New Jersey have launched a petition to have books, including the play Death and the Maiden by Chilean playwright

Thoughts policed: Max Wind-Cowie

Have we created a media culture where politicians fear voicing an opinion that’s not the party line? Max Wind-Cowie reports

Future imperfect: Jason DaPonte

Should concerns about privacy after the NSA revelations change the way we use the web? Jason DaPonte asks the experts about state spying, corporate control and what we can do to protect ourselves

My book and the school library: Norma Klein

Norma Klein, the American writer of children's books, describes how she successfully defended her Confessions of an Only Child before a school board meeting

Deliberately lewd: Erica Jong

Pornography is to art as prudery is to the censors