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#NoImpunity: Crimes against journalists go unresolved

alt informationSince 2004, over 700 journalists have been killed for their reporting. Nine out of 10 of these cases go unpunished.

Ceri Thomas: Trust and trustworthiness

alt informationThe relationship between the trustworthiness of the media and the trust people invest in it is a very uncertain one.

Ireland’s media ownership concentration breeds pessimism

alt informationWhile media observers routinely identify Ireland’s lack of plurality in media ownership, which is among the most highly concentrated in Europe, as a significant concern, there’s considerable disagreement on how to tackle the issue.

OSCE must urgently appoint new representative on freedom of the media

alt informationIndex on Censorship has joined with seven other organisations to urge OSCE to appoint a new representative on freedom of the media

Bahrain: Press freedom groups call for lifting of Al Wasat suspension

alt informationPress freedom organisations and local Bahraini groups have raised alarm today over the suspension of Bahrain's only independent newspaper, Al Wasat, which has been barred from publishing for three days now.

Bahrain must end arbitrary suspension of independent newspaper

alt informationIndex on Censorship joined with international human rights organisations to strongly condemn the arbitrary suspension of Bahrain's Al Wasat newspaper.

Free expression groups call for public interest defence in UK official secrets laws

alt informationReporters Without Borders, English PEN and Index on Censorship have published their joint submission to the Law Commission’s Consultation on the Protection of Official Data

State of media freedom in Macedonia is very worrying

alt information  Index on Censorship signed a joint statement by issued after a ECPMF-EFJ-SEEMO-OBCT fact-finding mission to Macedonia, on 25th-28th April regarding rising violence against journalists in Macedonia: We hereby express our deep concerns about the yesterday‘s violent attacks against journalists in the parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. From the beginning of 2016 until yesterday […]

It’s not just Trump: threats to US media freedom go far deeper, survey shows

alt informationThreats to media freedom in the United States go far beyond the high-profile attacks on news outlets made by President Donald Trump, a new study shows.

Dunja Mijatović: Why bother? A quick take on lying on social media

alt informationBesides the difficulty in determining truth from opinion to a bald-faced lie, the inherent limiting of ideas, including criminalising them, makes us all suffer a little bit.

The pen is not a menace: Protecting journalists and journalism

alt informationTo far too many crooked governments, evil despots, corrupt moguls or power-mad militias, a journalist is more of a threat than even an armed opponent.