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Human rights defender Milan Antonijević wants “more commitment” to the laws that protect the people of Serbia

alt informationMilan Antonijević uses the rule of law as his main line of defence in human rights protection.

EU proposal on funding must include media freedom

alt information"A free media is essential for holding state authorities, including their legal system, accountable."

Death threats should not be the norm

alt informationAs part of media freedom month. Jodie Ginsberg wrote to Index on Censorship supporters.

Don’t let media freedom die – we need it more than ever

Index on Censorship has launched a campaign to raise £15,000 to help us document growing threats to media freedom.

اليمن: “لا أحد يستمع إلينا

alt informationالصحفي اليمني عبد العزيز محمد الصبري يشرح مخاطر العمل الصحفي في بلده. أجرت المقابلة لورا سيلفيا باتاجليا

Йемен: «Нас никто не слышит»

alt informationЖурналист из Йемена, Абдулазиз Мухаммад аль-Сабри, детально описывает опасности освещения новостей в своей стране. Интервью Лоры Сильвии Баттаглии

Yemen: «Nadie nos escucha»

alt informationEl periodista yemení Abdulaziz Muhamad al Sabri detalla los peligros de ser reportero en su país. Laura Silvia Battaglia lo entrevista

Tracey Bagshaw: Is compromise compromising news?

alt informationCommercial interference pressures on the UK's regional papers are growing. Some worry that jeopardises their independence.

Montenegro: When investigative journalism ends up behind bars

alt informationIn Montenegro - NATO member country and EU candidate - attacks against the press are numerous and a journalist may be imprisoned for his investigative work.

#NoImpunity: Crimes against journalists go unresolved

alt informationSince 2004, over 700 journalists have been killed for their reporting. Nine out of 10 of these cases go unpunished.