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Urgent appeal in relation to the arrest and detention of Omoyele Sowore, Nigerian journalist and human rights defender

alt information48 human rights and press freedom organisations have lodged an urgent appeal in relation to the arrest and arbitrary detention of Nigerian journalist and human rights defender Omoyele Sowore

#IndexAwards2019: Media Rights Agenda uses the courts to force Nigeria’s government to improve media freedom

alt informationMedia Rights Agenda is a non-profit organisation that has spent the last two decades working to improve media freedom and freedom of expression in Nigeria.

#IndexAwards2019: Institute for Media and Society fosters community radio stations

alt informationThe Institute for Media and Society is a Nigerian NGO that is going to great lengths to improve the country’s media landscape.

Expression Uncensored: “It’s a bonus when you realise your music is helping someone live their life”

alt informationExpression Uncensored, which was hosted by Sonos, Index on Censorship and Gay Times Magazine, featured a panel of leading musicians from around the world to discuss queer music and censorship. 

Ken Saro-Wiwa Junior dies, age 47

alt informationNigerian writer Ken Saro-Wiwa Junior has died in London, aged 47, following a stroke. The writer and presidential adviser had recently written for Index on Censorship

Student reading lists: Ken Saro-Wiwa

alt informationThis reading list groups together a collection of works by and about Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwa.

Rommy Mom: Will Nigerians speak out over the Boko Haram threat in the elections?

alt informationAs Index on Censorship preps for this year's Freedom of Expression Awards, one of 2014's campaigner nominees, Rommy Mom, gives a Nigerian perspective on the rise of Boko Haram

#IndexDrawtheLine: How can we balance religious freedom and religious extremism?

alt informationReligious freedom and religious radicalism which leads to extremism has become an increasingly difficult balancing act in the digital age where presenting religious superiority through fear and “terror” is possible both locally and internationally at internet speeds. The ongoing series of beheading videos released by the Islamic State and the showcase of kidnapped school girls by Nigeria’s Boko […]

Padraig Reidy: Dismiss Lady Apostle’s ludicrous lawsuit

The English High Court should dismiss a ludicrous lawsuit against the British Humanist Association.

Group of death: The worst World Cup countries for free expression

alt informationIndex has looked at the countries taking part in arguably the biggest show on earth, and put together our own group of death -- the freedom of expression edition