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Deliberately lewd: Erica Jong

alt informationPornography is to art as prudery is to the censors

Cameron’s obsession with porn

alt informationBen Jennings on David Cameron's war on online pornography.

Filtering in the UK: The hinterland of legality, where secrecy trumps court rulings

A slip during an interview revealed the sneaking suspicion of free thinkers. The UK government was no longer restricting itself to censoring web content which was illegal. It was going to start censoring content which it simply didn't like, Ian Dunt writes

Criminalising kink: Cameron’s porn crusade

alt informationThe UK government is sneaking through a vast extension to pornographic prohibition. It’s so vaguely worded that it could cover 50 Shades of Grey (if filmed), Game of Thrones or Florentine statues. Jonathan Lindsell reports

Natwest refuses account for author of book on porn censorship

alt informationIndex on Censorship writer told bank doesn't do "this sort of thing". Padraig Reidy

Irish Justice Minister’s erotic novel referred to censor’s board

Alan Shatter's 24-year old work of fiction sent to censor amid controversy over abortion and police contact. Padraig Reidy reports. Plus: The full list of publications banned in Ireland

Why is Egypt banning porn?

Egypt is taking steps to enforce a ban on internet porn ordered by a Cairo court late last year. The ban was first ordered three years ago, but went unimplemented. This time it looks like it’s going to happen, and it won’t be cheap: the necessary filtering system will cost the country’s government 25 million Egyptian pounds (about £2.4 million). According to Sherif Hashem, deputy head of the National Telecom Regulatory Authority, Egypt has been installing the filters since January. Amr Gharbeia, civil liberties director for the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) told Index that, “there is very little information on Egypt’s censorship and deep packet inspection capabilities. So far, Egypt’s non-independent National Telecom Regulation Authority (NTRA) has claimed Egypt’s [...]

Downloading evil

Writing for Index on Censorship magazine in 2007, the late Stan Cohen argued that child pornography and jihadi violence were testing the limits of tolerance

United Kingdom: Government to consult with ISPs on blocking online porn

The coalition government has announced plans to consult with internet service providers on new measures to block online adult material in the UK. Under the plans it would be up to customers to opt in if they wish to view pornography on the internet when they sign up for a broadband contract. Currently most ISPs offer […]

PayPal backtracks on disputed ‘obscene’ e-book policy

Online payment service PayPal have backtracked on a policy against processing sales of e-books containing themes of rape, bestiality or incest. Protests from authors and anti-censorship activist groups, including Index on Censorship, led to a revision of their policy, which will now focus on e-books that contain potentially illegal images, not e-books that are limited to just text. […]

Web filtering: Keeping it clean?

David Cameron has announced plans to block access to pornography online, with providers offering the choice to turn on a filter.

Seth Finkelstein examines how indiscriminate blocking systems censor not just pornography, but feminist, gay rights and education material

Australian internet providers employ censors

Australian service providers, including Telstra and Optus, will voluntarily block websites deemed by the government as showing and disseminating child pornography. Those who attempt to access the blacklisted sites will be redirected to the site of the International Criminal Police Organisation. Wikileaks revealed that on the blacklist are some gay and straight porn sites, fringe […]