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#IndexAwards2018: Team 29 fights for Russian free speech

alt informationThe human rights group of lawyers and journalists take up and report on high profile human rights cases in Russia.

After colleague’s death, Russian reporter fears return to homeland

alt informationKseniya Kirillova thought her stay in the U.S. would be only temporary.

Chechnya: Immediately release human rights defender Oyub Titiev

alt informationWe, members of the Civic Solidarity Platform (CSP), are deeply concerned at reports of the arrest of Oyub Titiev, head of Human Rights Center Memorial’s Grozny office in Chechnya on highly dubious narcotics charges. We call for his immediate and unconditional release and dropping of all charges. Titiev is highly respected in the international human […]

Refuse to be silent, refuse to look away

alt informationSilence is the oppressor’s friend. Jailing is the favoured tool of those who seek to crush dissent. We cannot let the bullies win.

Broadcasting liberty across Europe

alt informationFrom broadcasting uprisings to employing Russian spies, Radio Free Europe brings news to poorly served regions. Sally Gimson looks at the station’s history and asks if it is still needed today.

Russia: Journalists detained during protests breach of media freedom

alt informationAt least nine media workers were detained across Russia on 8 October during protests organised by Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny

Russia must investigate violent attacks against Yulia Latynina

alt informationIndex on Censorship calls on Russian authorities to swiftly investigate violent attacks on journalist Yulia Latynina, who was forced to flee the country.

#IndexAwards2017: Ildar Dadin returns to activism

alt informationFreedom of Expression Campaigning Award-winner Ildar Dadin has returned to activism since his release from prison in February

The revolution will be dramatised

alt informationDavid Aaronovitch argues in the summer 2017 issue of Index on Censorship magazine that historical drama can also be manipulative when it ignores details of the past

Russia: Journalists swept up in crackdown on anti-corruption protesters

alt informationAs thousands of people took to the streets across Russia on 12 June 2017 to protest corruption, journalists were among those detained by police, according to verified incidents reported to Mapping Media Freedom.

Reporting from Ukraine’s separatist areas is becoming more difficult

alt informationJournalists are facing increased difficulties and monitoring when reporting from two self-proclaimed republics in Ukraine's separatist areas.