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How to stay anonymous online

alt informationIn this extract from Index on Censorship's Autumn issue, Mark Frary looks at some of the tactics you can use to remain safe and invisible when browsing

Anonymity: worth defending

alt informationWhy does it matter? Why don’t we just ban it or make it illegal if it can be used for all these harmful purposes?

Does social media have a censorship problem?

alt informationAttempts to control social media activity have been rife since Facebook and Twitter launched in 2006. We are outraged when political leaders ban access to social

10 fact-checking tips for journalists

alt informationIn a world filled with new digital tricks, journalists shouldn’t forget traditional verification techniques, says former newspaper editor Peter Sands

13 governments that are definitely not jailing people over free speech

alt informationJust look at these definitely-not-free-speech-related charges journalists and activists and human rights lawyers and pro democracy campaigners face

#IndexDrawtheLine: When sharing graphic content, the freedom to choose is key

alt informationThis month, we’ve been asking the question “Graphic content on social media: How much is too much?” While graphic content shown in mainstream media usually comes with a content warning, as well as being subject to the editing processes of news outlets, social media largely operates according to rules of its own. Whether or not […]

Padraig Reidy: Kicking anti-Semitism off social media won’t solve the problem

alt informationIf the story fades, the bigots can rebuild, this time on their terms, high on resentment and low on truth

Padraig Reidy: Beware the risks of the one-star review

Do we need basic education in the potential pitfalls of online interaction?

Ten countries where people have been arrested over social media messages

alt informationThis week prominent Bahraini activist Nabeel Rajab was sentenced to six months over a tweet

Padraig Reidy: Let’s ban the word “internet”

alt informationWe have to stop thinking about things happening “on the internet”, when it's simply part of human interaction for millions

India’s Modi bypasses mainstream media and takes to Twitter

alt informationPrime Minister Narendra Modi's penchant for using social media to address the public directly has apparently caused a rift with India's mainstream press. Mahima Kaul reports