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Leading Nepal editor speaks out about independent media facing censorship in South Asia

alt informationAfter 29 years of circulation, Himal Southasian, which claims to be the only analytical and regional news magazine for South Asia, will cease to publish as of November 2016.

Under cyber attack: an interview with Lobsang Sangay, Tibet’s exiled political leader

alt informationTibet’s leader-in-exile discusses his Buddhist approach to digital security, and why he still holds hope for the future of the internet

Chinese tourists are inadvertently reporting on the Tibetan struggle

alt informationWhile Tibetans face fierce internet restrictions, Chinese tourists appear to be breaching “the great Firewall of China” by sharing holiday snaps with friends back home. Alastair Sloan reports

China: Several Tibetan-language sites offline

Several Tibetan-language blogs hosted in China are reported to have gone offline today, amid a period of severe unrest. AmdoTibet’s blog section has been temporarily shut down, a message on the site reads, “due to some of the blog users not publishing in accordance with the goal of this site.” Tense events of recent weeks have included […]

Tibet: Writer imprisoned

A Tibetan writer  has been sentenced to four years in jail by a Chinese court in eastern Tibet. Kalsang Tsultim, also known as Gyitsang Takmik, was first arrested in July 2010 for committing what the Chinese authorities termed “political error.” He had widely circulated a Video Compact Disc (VCD) in which he urges the international community […]

China: Three Tibetan nuns jailed

Three nuns have each been jailed for three year after they staged a peaceful street protest, chanting “Free Tibet” and “long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama”, on 15 June. The women, aged between 21 and 31, are part of the Gyemadrak Nunnery in Tibet and were arrested by Chinese authorites hours after the protest […]

Tradition of protest

Woeser, author of "Notes on Tibet", was one of many signatories of a letter to the Chinese government calling for the release of Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo. Writing for Index on Censorship magazine, she celebrates Tibetan singer Tashi Dhondup

PAST EVENT: 20 July. Film screening: The Sun Behind The Clouds

20 July. Film screening: The Sun Behind The Clouds

Tibetan environmentalists jailed by China

Three prominent environmentalists have been jailed by the Chinese authorities amidst allegations of torture, judicial bias and harassment. Karma Sandrup, one of Tibet’s wealthiest businessmen, who used the profits of his antiques business to fund several small-scale environmental projects on the Tibetan plateau, was given a 15 year sentence on 24 June for dealing in […]

Tibet: School bans “separatist” ringtones

A high school near the city of Shigatse in Tibet has banned teachers and pupils from having “separatist” ringtones on their mobile phones after they were ruled “unhealthy” by local education officials. A list of 27 popular Tibetan songs was posted on the school website, and anyone caught in possession of them was warned they […]

Tibet’s raging storm

A new report highlights the way China targeted Tibetan intellectuals and artists in response to Tibet’s spring 2008 protests, writes Kate Saunders

Tibet: Photocopying to require ID registration

Anyone wishing to reproduce printed or written material in Lhasa will have to undergo real-name ID registration due to a new ruling announced on 10 May.  Local police will now regularly check copy service providers to ensure that they take down the names, addresses and organisations of all their customers. The move is intended to monitor […]