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Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and Russia among Europe’s most flagrant offenders of media freedom in 2018

alt informationIn 2018, 17 alerts were submitted to the Council of Europe’s Platform to promote the protection of journalism and safety of journalists relating to impunity for murders of journalists.

Monitoring and Advocating for Media Freedom methodology

The project relies on a network of independent journalists who monitor local news sources, speak to individuals involved in the situations and interface with journalist unions to understand the facts of the situation and help put the press freedom violation in a larger context.

The murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet continues to be shrouded in mystery

alt informationUkrainian authorities have remained silent, releasing no new information since July 2017.

Ukrainian investigative journalism on the eve of the presidential election

alt informationProminent journalists face an increasing pressure from both wealthy oligarchs and corrupt officials

#IndexAwards2019: fearlessly exposes corruption in Ukraine

alt is a group of independent investigative journalists in Ukraine who - despite threats and assaults - are fearlessly exposing the corruption of many Ukrainian officials.

No impunity: Who killed journalist Pavel Shemeret?

alt informationBefore his death, Pavel Sheremet was one of Ukraine’s leading investigative journalists. He most notably investigated government corruption and border smuggling in his native Belarus, leading to his arrest in 1997 but winning him CPJ’s International Press Freedom Award in the process. He was detained, harassed and arrested because of his work. Then, in 2016, he was assassinated. And Ukrainian authorities still have not uncovered who’s to blame.