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China’s tradition of inventive protest is in full swing

alt informationProtesters in China unhappy with Xi Jinping's government and its policies are getting creative with their messages

Who is 2022’s Tyrant of the Year?

alt informationChoose from our shortlist of 12 despots and vote on who you think has done most to crack down on freedom of expression this year

Landmark report finds China using arts “to silence critics and drive censorship”

alt informationMajor new investigation from Index on Censorship reveals the scale and reach of the CCP’s international soft power push across the European arts landscape

New report on China’s influence on the world of art

alt informationA new report demonstrates how the Chinese Communist Party uses art to extend the reach of censorship into cities across Europe

A new generation of protesters in China?

alt informationTrying to make sense of the protests in China right now is hard but one thing's certain - they hint at the existence of greater dissent than the CCP realised

Where are all the voices?

alt informationThere is so little room for alternative views and perspectives, writes our CEO Ruth Smeeth

Junket journalism is taking off in China

alt informationChina’s attempts to woo foreign journalists and bloggers in bid to control conversation

Xi’s real China dream

alt informationChina’s leader is football mad and he has put the sport at the forefront of many initiatives. When it comes to the nation’s freedoms that’s been a mixed blessing

Winners of Index’s 2022 Freedom of Expression Awards announced

alt informationThe “bravery and brilliance” of free expression champions from China, Cuba, Russia and Ukraine celebrated at annual awards

Journalism 2022

alt informationSophia Huang Xueqin is a Chinese activist and journalist and is the winner of the 2022 Freedom of Expression Award in the journalism category

What does Hu Jintao’s Great Hall removal mean?

alt informationA who, what, why on the dramatic moment China's last leader was removed from the Party Congress