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It’s in our nature to fight

alt informationEcuador’s indigenous people are campaigning to safeguard their history and secure their future

Climate of fear: The silencing of the planet’s indigenous peoples

alt informationThe new issue of Index on Censorship magazine features environmental activists around the world

Standing up to a global oil giant

alt informationCelebrated author Ma Jian reflects on the terrible legacy of the Chinese Communist Party in its centenary year

Duncan Tucker: Financial pressures are undermining Latin America’s media

alt informationMounting financial pressures are robbing many of Latin America's media outlets of their objectivity and forcing them to toe pro-government lines.

#IndexAwards2015: Arts nominee Xavier “Bonil” Bonilla

alt informationBonil is the pen name for Xavier Bonilla, an Ecuador-based editorial cartoonist who draws for several national newspapers, particularly El Universo.

Ecuador: Why are critics being shutdown on Twitter?

alt informationA Spanish company -- Ares Right -- has been targeting the social media accounts of critics of the Ecuadorean government

In Ecuador the battle for the truth continues

alt informationPresident Rafael Correa's recent attack on El Universo newspaper for printing a satirical cartoon, marks a dangerous precedent for Ecuador's media, writes Jack Gilbert

The fight for the fourth power in Latin America

alt informationIn light of the Argentinian supreme court's ruling to uphold the country's controversial media law, Ronaldo Pelli reports on the fight between governments and private media across Latin America

What does state press control look like?

In light of the UK's Royal Charter on newspaper regulation, we look at 10 countries where the government has a hand in controlling the press