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Let them know they are not forgotten

alt informationJoin us in sending messages of support to six human rights activists and journalists around the world who are #JailedNotForgotten

#FreeNazanin: Charity worker faces new charges on Monday

alt informationMP Tulip Siddiq express her support by reciting a poem written for Index by Zaghari-Ratcliffe from her cell

Mehdi Rajabian’s Iran: where making music is a crime

alt informationMusician's inclusion of women's voices in his last album has led to his arrest. Here he talks exclusively to Index on Censorship about the challenges

Governments using virus as cover to restrict newspapers

alt informationSeveral countries have banned publishers from producing and distributing print newspapers and magazines to stop the spread of the Covid virus despite a lack of scientific evidence

Iran: Satirical writer Kioomars Marzban is sentenced to 23 years in jail

alt informationKioomars Marzban, a 27-year-old satirical writer from Iran, was sentenced to 23 years and 3 months in prison. He was found guilty on five separate charges, given a two-year travel ban, and a two-year ban on publishing or using social media.

Andrew Graham-Yooll on Argentina

alt informationAndrew Graham-Yooll served as editor for the Index on Censorship magazine from 1989-1994. To honour his memory, Index features some highlights of his writing for the magazine about his home country Argentina

Thirty years on: the Salman Rushdie fatwa revisited

alt informationThirty years after a fatwa was issued ordering Muslims to execute author Salman Rushdie over the publication of The Satanic Verses, Index publishes a collection of writing on the implications for free expression and censorship

Student reading list: The Iranian Revolution

alt informationForty years ago the rule of the last shah of Iran came to an end after millions of Iranians, from all social classes, took to the streets in protest

Journalism in Exile: Iranian journalist Omid Rezaee believes storytelling can save us

alt informationThe Iranian-born mechanical engineering student was the editor-in-chief of Fanous, a student magazine which was banned for standing with the Green Movement

#IndexAwards2018: Open Stadiums challenges Iran’s restrictions on women

alt informationThese anonymous women are fighting against the restrictions on Iranian women's use of public spaces, including stadiums.

#IndexAwards2010: Mahsa Vahdat, Freemuse Award for Music

alt informationSince winning the Freemuse Award for Music in 2010, Mahsa Vahdat has continued to use her music to fight for freedom of expression for the women of Iran.

#IndexAwards2017: Jensiat illustrates cyber security and sexuality in Iran

alt informationWith public sexual health awareness low, the three people behind Jensiat, an online graphic novel, saw an opportunity to link the issue with cyber security