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Major new global free expression index sees UK ranking stumble across academic, digital and media freedom

alt informationA major new global ranking index tracking the state of free expression is published today

Why journalists need emergency safe havens

alt informationJournalists tell Index how a new type of visa is vital to protect lives and stop media censorship. Rachael Jolley reports

حياة صحفي في الاعلام الرسمي في إريتريا: كل ما تريد أن تعرف عن طبيعة العمل في الصحف الحكومية الخاضعة للرقابة الشديدة إبراهيم ت. زير

alt informationبدأ إبراهيم ت. زير مسيرته في إحدى الصحف الحكومية بعد فرض حظر شامل على وسائل الإعلام المستقلة. يعيش اليوم في المنفى في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، حيث يقوم بالكشف عن المخاطر التي تواجه الكتاب في "أكثر دول العالم خضوعاً للرقابة

La vida de un periodista del Gobierno en Eritrea: la verdad sobre trabajar en un periódico gubernamental firmemente censurado

alt informationAbraham T. Zere comenzó su carrera en un periódico del Gobierno después de que se prohibieran todos los medios de comunicación independientes. Exiliado ahora en EE. UU., revela los peligros a los que se enfrentan los redactores en el "país más censurado del mundo"

Reel-time: Combatting fake news online

alt informationAs “fake news” dominates headlines, Index’s global team of experienced journalists offers tips on how to spot falsehoods before you click and share

Spies, lies and wandering eyes

alt informationIn the spring issue of Index on Censorship magazine, we look at how free speech around the world is under massive pressure from conflicting interests.

Abraham Zere: After 15 years of fear Eritreans read between the lines

alt informationIt initially sounded like a joke; gradually it got serious and then tragic. A decade and a half later, it is catastrophe.

Risky business: Journalists around the world under direct attack

alt informationThe truth is in danger. Working with reporters and writers around the world, Index continually hears first-hand stories of the pressures of reporting, and of how journalists are too afraid to write or broadcast because of what might happen next.

Contents: Danger in truth, truth in danger

alt informationIndex on Censorship has dedicated its milestone 250th issue to exploring the increasing threats to reporters worldwide. Its special report, Truth in Danger, Danger in Truth: Journalists Under Fire

Letter: Eritrea must free imprisoned journalists

alt informationOn World Press Freedom Day, Index Youth Advisory Board calls for the release of imprisoned journalists in Eritrea and urges the government to end its persecution of media workers

Worst countries for restrictions on religious freedom

alt informationSome of the worst countries for religious freedom are Burma, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China, Eritrea, Iran

#IndexAwards2016: Vanessa Berhe is fighting for freedom of expression in Eritrea

alt informationCampaigning for a free Eritrea since the age of 16, Vanessa Berhe can even count the Pope as a supporter