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Why we find it impossible to talk about birth, death and marriage

alt informationBirth, marriage and death–these are key staging posts. And that’s one reason why this issue looks at how taboos around these subjects have a critical impact on our world.

How fact and fiction come together in the age of unreason

alt informationUsing fiction and stories to influence society is nothing new, but facts are needed to drive the most powerful campaigns, argues Rachael Jolley

Do crime writers tell us more truths than travel writers?

alt informationCrime writers have less to lose than travel writers in describing the underside of holiday spots, argues Rachael Jolley.

Águila legal

alt informationEx director de la fiscalía pública de Inglaterra y Gales, y recién investido como caballero, Sir Keir Starmer habla del derecho a ofender, de los retos legislativos de las redes sociales y de la protección de informantes con Rachael Jolley, editora de Index

Why nations want to make your past disappear

alt informationManipulating history is part of the political playbook right now, Rachael Jolley argues

Editorial: Poor excuses for not protecting protest

alt informationFifty years after 1968, the year of protests, increasing attacks on the right to assembly must be addressed

Editorial: Talking shop

alt informationThe number of people listening to radio stations is on the rise, and with the arrival of podcasting this old form of media is having a rebirth.

Editorial: Laughter tracked

alt informationA country's sense of humour is a nebulous thing. But when it starts to disappear, something serious is afoot.

Editorial: Fact-filled future?

alt informationThe “now” generation’s thirst for instant news is squeezing out good journalism. We need an attitude change to secure its survival

If another country had a press law like Section 40, Britain would condemn it for persecuting journalists

alt informationFor years Index of Censorship has monitored state interference in news reporting, from the authoritarian Chile in 1970s to North Korea today.