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Media freedom in Honduras: Index speaks with Dina Meza

alt informationSince 1992 Honduran journalist Dina Meza has been investigating corruption and violations of free speech throughout South America, including the murder of journalists in Honduras

Duncan Tucker: Financial pressures are undermining Latin America’s media

alt informationMounting financial pressures are robbing many of Latin America's media outlets of their objectivity and forcing them to toe pro-government lines.

#IndexAwards2017: Arcoiris fights tirelessly for LGBT rights in Honduras

alt informationArcoiris works at all levels of Honduran society to advance LGBT rights and provide support to many victims of violence

Global heroes battling censorship announced in Index Freedom of Expression Awards shortlist

alt informationSixteen courageous individuals and organisations who fight for freedom of expression in every part of the world

Honduran journalist Cesario Padilla facing detention after student protests

alt informationHonduran journalist Cesario Padilla is facing immediate detention and a possible five-year jail term after being present at student protests.

Homophobia in Honduras: growing attacks on LGBT activists

alt informationA year after returning from exile, Honduran gay rights activist Donny Reyes still fears a murderous attack at any minute

Homofobia en Honduras: el aumento de atracos y asesinatos de activistas LGBT

alt informationUn año tras volver del exilio, Danny Reyes, un activista homosexual hondureño aún teme ser asesinado en cualquier momento

Letter to Honduras: Calling for protection of Dina Meza and all journalists

Index on Censorship and Article 19 Central America demand that the Honduran Attorney General investigates increased threats received by journalist and human rights campaigner Dina Meza

Index Freedom of Expression Awards: Journalism nominee Dina Meza

alt informationDina Meza is an investigative journalist working for the Committee of Relatives of the Detainees and Disappeared in Honduras, an incredibly difficult environment for press freedom.

We must demand an end to the culture of impunity

alt informationOn the eve of the International Day To End Impunity, we look back at the journalists intimidated, attacked and killed in 2013

Honduran journalists use sensationalised crime reporting as a safety measure

Honduran journalists present the country's spiralling crime without context to avoid being targeted by the powerful crime cartels that control the drug trade, Ana Arana and Daniela Guazo of Fundación MEPI write