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The amazing banned memes from China

alt informationChina is having a meme moment and it’s driving the censors mad

China’s middle-class revolt

alt informationAs China’s economy slows, an unexpected group has started to protest – the country’s middle class. Robert Foyle Hunwick reports on how effective they are

Annual appeal: Walking on the cartoon creative road

alt informationDon’t let the bullies win - help us champion the people who are fighting back. People like Freedom of Expression Awards fellows Turkey Blocks.

Editorial: Poor excuses for not protecting protest

alt informationFifty years after 1968, the year of protests, increasing attacks on the right to assembly must be addressed

David Kaye: The other travel ban

alt informationGovernments are imposing travel bans to deny the spread of information about the state of repression and corruption in their home countries.

#IndexAwards2017: Rebel Pepper continues his work in the United States

alt informationArts fellow Rebel Pepper has continued to publish cartoons and speak out against the Chinese government on limits on freedom of expression.

Index calls on UK to urge China to allow Liu Xiaobo to travel for treatment

alt informationChinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate and writer Liu Xiaobo, who was imprisoned since 2009 for calling for more freedom in his country, has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo’s chair is still empty

alt informationLiu Xiaobo, China's most famous free speech advocate, was released from prison last week on health grounds. Index looks back at the life and work of the Nobel laureate.

#IndexAwards2009: Ma Jian, TR Fyvel Book Award

alt informationMa Jian’s 2008 novel The Beijing Coma received the 2009 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression TR Fyvel Book Award.

#IndexAwards2007: Chen Guangcheng, Whistleblower of the Year

alt informationChen Guangcheng, a Chinese civil right activist who won the Freedom of Expression Award in the Whistleblower of the Year in 2007, today lives in New York City.

Contents: The big squeeze

alt informationSpring 2017 contributors include Richard Sambrook, Dominic Grieve, Roger Law, Karim Miské, Mark Frary and Canan Coşkun