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Padraig Reidy: Our public conversation is in danger of becoming a public whinge

alt informationIf arguments that counter our own prove more popular, it's not because ours may need rethinking -- no, it is because the world is biased against us

Gaza: Press vests fail to protect Palestinian journalists

alt informationNews coverage of the ongoing Gaza conflict would be infinitely poorer without local journalists, but it’s clear that international media needs to show their commitment by providing Palestinian reporters and fixers with extra support. Ruth Michaelson reports

Twitter suspends Hamas military wing account

alt informationThe social media ban on the Al Qassam Brigade could have a knock on effect for civil society in Gaza. Ruth Michaelson reports

The Palestinian Authority is worse than Hamas for free speech, activist claims

alt informationHead of human rights group says situation for free speech in West Bank worse than Gaza. Daniella Peled reports

Gaza: Hamas reopens Palestinian news agency

Palestinian news agency Ma'an to reopen in the Gaza Strip four months after Hamas closed down the organisation

Hamas shut down media bureaus over Egypt coverage

Gaza’s de-facto Hamas government closed the office of Al Arabiya, Palestinian network Ma’an news and the local production company Lens on Thursday. Ma’an reported the incident as having received a closure order from the Attorney General delivered directly to their offices. Al Arabiya published a report from their Gaza correspondent, stating that employees had been […]

An interview with one of Gaza’s banned journalists

On 25 December 2012, Gaza’s Hamas government announced a ban on Palestinian journalists working with Israeli media.  This decision affected just three journalists in Gaza, one of whom is 25-year-old Abeer Ayyoub. Abeer went from working as a fixer for visiting foreign journalists to writing stories herself, and in the process landing a job with Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz. Starting at the beginning of the last attack on Gaza in November 2012, she quickly made a name for herself by breaking stories that most journalists operating in the Strip had never realised existed. I spoke to Abeer about what the ban means for her work, and for the state of press freedom in Gaza today Ruth Michaelson: When we spoke the [...]

Gaza: New restrictions on foreign journalists

Hamas’s interior ministry has adopted new rules restricting the reporting of foreign journalistse. According to the new rules, foreign journalists would have to apply to Gaza’s interior ministry in advance, and processing “could take several days”. The application process also requires foreign journalists to name a “guarantor” in the Gaza strip.  According to government officials, the […]

Gaza: News agency HQ attacked

The office of Ma’an Network, a news agency based in Gaza City, was attacked by masked assailants. According to local reports, staff at the main office saw the building on fire in the early hours of Sunday morning. After initial investigations, bottles of flammable liquids were found nearby. The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate is calling for […]

Gaza Strip: Reporter interrogated over Salafist group reports

The Gaza Strip correspondent for France 24, Salama Atallah, has claimed that he was interrogated by Hamas security officials on 26 June. According to Atallah, threats, insults and beatings were used in an attempt to obtain further information about a Salafist group he had been reporting on in Gaza. Prior to this, Atallah had been […]

Three newspapers censored in Gaza

The Palestinian authorities have prevented three newspapers from being distributed in Gaza territories for the second day in a row. The ban comes only days after the Israeli authorities lifted their own year and a half ban on the papers. The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) quoted Palestinian sources as saying that the authorities require daily […]

British documentary film maker detained in Gaza

British freelance journalist and documentary film maker Paul Martin was detained at a Gaza courthouse yesterday on the orders of Hamas officials. According to a Ministry of Interior Spokesman Martin – who has worked for the BBC and the Time – is suspected of breaking Palestinian law and is to be detained for 15 days, […]