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11 countries where you should think twice about insulting someone

alt informationInsult laws can be very easily manipulated by those in positions of power to shut down and punish criticism

Swaziland: On trial for criticising the judicial system

alt informationHuman rights lawyer Thulani Maseko and journalist and editor Bheki Makhubu return to court today facing charges of "scandalising the judiciary" and "contempt of court" for writing about corruption and lack of impartiality, writes Gia Armstrong

Nine “criminal” t-shirts

An Angolan teen has been detained for almost two months for "insulting the President" via t-shirts. This is not the only time and place tees have landed someone in serious trouble

In Africa, journalists hamstrung by laws when reporting the news

alt informationAfrican journalists face more than deadlines in the race to report the news. Justine Limpitlaw and Christian Echle of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’s Media Programme write how media laws interfere

Index Index – International free speech roundup 22/01/13

Index Index - International free speech roundup

Swaziland: Social media lese majeste law planned

Swaziland’s justice minister has told the country’s senate that the government is finalising a law that would make it illegal to criticise the King Mswati III on social media networks. “We will be tough on those who write bad things about the king on Twitter and Facebook,” Mgwagwa Gamedze said. Internet penetration is low in Swaziland, Africa’s last absolute monarchy, […]

Coca Cola: It’s bubbling up in Swaziland

There’s renewed attention internationally on Swaziland with King Mswati III excesses. He’s getting it from all angles: criticised for squandering the country’s sugar, turning a blind eye to the tax bill  of  Coca Cola, and the continued incarceration of the student leaders, teachers and journalists after the November 2011 demonstrations. Most recently,  Times of Swaziland columnist Mfomfo […]

Swaziland: Journalist detained and accused of tainting country’s image

Swazi journalist Mancoba Nxumalo was held by police on Wednesday (22 June) and accused of “tarnishing” the Kingdom’s image, he has claimed. The journalist believes he was targeted for arranging interviews for South African broadcaster SABC with two Swazi activists jailed over pro-democracy protests in April. He said that police told him he had “conspired […]

Swaziland: BBC programme banned for criticising government

The daily live transmission of the BBC Focus on Africa programme has been suspended following a report that was critical of the government. The programme, which is broadcast on the state radio, Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Services (SBIS), has been off air for a week. The government has also banned all state media from reporting […]

Swaziland: Opposition leader charged with terrorism

The leader of the People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO), an opposition party, has been arrested and charged with terrorism offences following the funeral of party member Sipho Jele. Mario Masuku was arrested after giving a eulogy that mentioned PUDEMO by name, an offence under Swaziland’s Suppression of Terrorism Act. Jele’s funeral had previously been postponed following a police […]

Swaziland: Police disrupt activist’s funeral

The funeral of an anti-government activist who died in police custody has been postponed following the intervention of Swaziland’s security forces. Sipho Jele, who was found hanged in his jail cell on May 4, was a member of the proscribed People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO), he was originally arrested for wearing a t-shirt with the […]

Total revolution in Cambodia

alt information In this issue, Index publishes an account of the intellectual background of the Cambodian revolution, and of one Cambodian's intellectual journey into and away from the revolutionary camp.