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Duncan Tucker: Financial pressures are undermining Latin America’s media

alt informationMounting financial pressures are robbing many of Latin America's media outlets of their objectivity and forcing them to toe pro-government lines.

A global guide to using Shakespeare to battle power

alt informationHitler was a Shakespeare fan; Stalin feared Hamlet; Othello broke ground in apartheid-era South Africa; and Brazil's current political crisis can be reflected by Julius Caesar.

Index on Censorship Youth Advisory Board: January to June 2016

alt informationIndex on Censorship recently appointed a new youth advisory board who attend monthly online meetings to discuss current freedom of expression issues and complete related tasks.

Contra Band: Censored songs from Brazil and the UK

alt informationJoin Index and Up Projects tomorrow: Contra Band is a new commission, by Leah Lovett, which brings together musicians and audiences from Brazil and the UK for an experimental live performance of songs censored in both countries between 1964-1985.

Brazil’s Luiz Ruffato: “We must defend freedom under any circumstance”

While researching Brazil's legislation called the biographies' law, Index on Censorship's Brazil contibutor Simone Marques spoke to award-winning Brazilian author Luiz Ruffato, whose works include acclaimed novel They Were Many Horses.

Brazil’s banned biographies: When public figures want to control the message

alt informationWith the World Cup in the rear view mirror, our contributor Simone Marques, explores the battle over censorship of unauthorised biographies and the last minute amendment that could cause more trouble for free expression in Brazil.

Brazil must build on Marco Civil to protect free expression

alt informationWith the adoption of a progressive legislation on internet rights, Brazil is taking the lead in digital freedom, but more works needs to be done to protect freedom of expression.

Internet governance: Brazil taking the lead in international debates

alt informationKey debates are under way at international level on internet governance, with crucial decisions up for grabs that could determine whether the internet remains a broadly free and open space, with a bottom up approach to its operation – as exemplified in part by the multistakeholder approach – or becomes a top-down controlled space as pushed for by China and Russia, supported to some extent by several other countries.

Brazil: Digital access and inclusion

alt informationBrazil is the world’s second-biggest user of both Facebook and Twitter, with already 65 million Facebook users and 41.2 million tweeters and counting.

Brazil: Towards an internet “bill of rights”

When it comes to the internet, Brazil is a conundrum. On the one hand it is among the top requesters to Google and other internet firms for content takedowns. On the other hand, Brazil has passed a progressive law -- Marco Civil -- putting it on a footing to be one of the world leaders on internet freedom.

Index report: Can Brazil be the global referee for internet freedom?

alt informationWorld Cup host country Brazil has the potential to become an influential, global leader in digital rights -- but that will depend on key decisions taken in the coming months

Index calls on Brazil to take the lead in digital rights

Ahead of the World Cup, Index on Censorship’s new policy paper Brazil: A new global internet referee? explores the challenges and threats to online freedom of expression in the country.