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Greece: A tougher climate for press freedom

alt informationIndex on Censorship spoke with Marilena Katsimi about how censorship is exercised in Greece, and to what extent journalists are allowed to report on social struggles in the country. Christos Syllas reports

Greece: Stifling free expression to sell bonds

In a televised address last Thursday, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras thanked the Greek people for the sacrifices they endured during the past four years as the country underwent the harshest austerity measures since emerging from World War II. Christos Syllas reports on the fallout for free expression

Homophobic rant by radio host highlights Greece’s gay rights problem

alt informationJournalists Dimos Verikios said there is a "dictatorship of the gay minority” and gay people should be "treated" by members of Golden Dawn, writes Christos Syllas

Greece: Police interrogation of students prompts protests

alt informationHigh school students were asked about their own, their teachers' and parents' political leanings, and were threatened with criminal records, writes Christos Syllas

Greece: A tale of two protests

alt informationOn Saturday, banned Golden Dawn were left to march in peace, while police clashed with demonstrators at an anti-fascist protest, Christos Syllas writes

Greece: When satire cannot be tolerated

alt informationA satirical Facebook page created by a blogger to mock a well-known Greek Orthodox monk has resulted in a prison sentence and opened a debate on Greece's blasphemy laws. Christos Syllas reports

Greece: Freedom of expression takes a beating

alt informationAs Greece prepares to take on the presidency of the Council of the European Union on January 1, the country continues to grapple with the free expression fallout from its financial crisis. Christos Syllas reports

Roma in Greece: Headlines revert to ancient prejudice

alt informationThe case of a little girl called Maria, allegedly abducted by a Roma couple on the outskirts of Farsala in central Greece, has filled local and world headlines with prejudice and racist stereotypes. Christos Syllas writes

Greece: murder of anti-fascist prompts protest

alt informationThe Athens neighbourghood where a rap artist was killed was the scene of protest against Golden Dawn and the government. Christos Syllas-Dellis reports

Golden Dawn: The open question of Greek politics

alt informationAs the Greek financial crisis drags on, politicians from the mainstream parties continue to flirt with the far-right Golden Dawn and mainstream media downplays the threat that the party represents, Christos Syllas writes

Far-right publishing in Greece: Stories that ‘teach’ people a lesson

Taking their cue from the neo-nazi Golden Dawn, Greece’s far-right newspapers have recently been targeting alternative opinions. While hardly breaking news, the language and symbolism of the campaign is of vital importance because it represents just the tip of the iceberg, Christos Syllas writes

Free speech takes a beating in Greece

alt informationChristos Syllas looks at the threats to journalists and activists in crisis-stricken Greece, where a climate of terror prevails