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Turkey’s film festivals face a narrowing space for expression

The Siyah Bant initiative, which carries out research on censorship of the arts in Turkey, has given much coverage to obstacles to freedom of expression in the cinematic field

Free access to the Index on Censorship magazine app

In September, Index on Censorship magazine launched a social media campaign which invited its readers to nominate a place which was symbolic of either free speech or censorship, with the winning locations being granted free access to the magazine app for one year. Nominations came from all over the world and the winning places are […]

The right to protest! The right to fight?

An Index event on freedom of assembly, in association with Sussex University Politics Society

Index Freedom of Expression Awards: Arts nominee Meltem Arikan

International Freedom of Expression 2014 Arts Award Nominee and renowned Turkish playwright and novelist Meltem Arikan answered questions about her nomination during a Twitter chat with Index on Censorship

Meltem Arikan: “We were prevented from expressing ourselves freely”

After the Gezi Park protests, Meltem Arikan became a target of social media vitriol against anyone thought to be an organiser of the demonstrations. Julia Farrington spoke with Arikan about how this government-orchestrated terror campaign was to change her life.

Turkey’s proposed internet law met with strong opposition

Controversy surrounds proposed amendments to a 2007 law, which would give the government wide ranging power over the internet

A conversation with Meltem Arikan, Turkish playwright and author

In the days after the Gezi Park protests, Turkish playwright and author Meltem Arikan found herself at the centre of a government-led hate campaign that left her fearing for her life.