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Padraig Reidy: Beware the risks of the one-star review

Do we need basic education in the potential pitfalls of online interaction?

Under cyber attack: an interview with Lobsang Sangay, Tibet’s exiled political leader

alt informationTibet’s leader-in-exile discusses his Buddhist approach to digital security, and why he still holds hope for the future of the internet

Group of death: The worst World Cup countries for free expression

alt informationIndex has looked at the countries taking part in arguably the biggest show on earth, and put together our own group of death -- the freedom of expression edition

Index report: Can Brazil be the global referee for internet freedom?

alt informationWorld Cup host country Brazil has the potential to become an influential, global leader in digital rights -- but that will depend on key decisions taken in the coming months

Should search engines censor the past? Index speaks to Channel 4 News

Tuesday’s ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) said that internet search engine operators must remove links to articles found to be outdated or “irrelevant” at the request of individuals. Index on Censorship’s CEO Jodie Ginsberg joined Max Mosley on Channel 4 News to debate why the ruling could lead to further censorship and the […]

EU adopts new guidelines on freedom of expression

New guidelines were released this week by the European Union Foreign Affairs Council specifically focusing on freedom of expression online and offline. Alice Kirkland reports

Russia’s attack on internet freedom: “There is a lot of room for making things worse”

It’s been a bad week for the internet in Russia, with the founder of "Russian Facebook" claiming that Putin loyalists have total control of the site, and the Duma adopting controversial amendments targeting bloggers. Milana Knezevic writes

Digital freedom in Bangladesh: Navigating in uncertain waters

alt informationBangladesh witnessed the internet take on an increasing role in its socio-political sphere in 2013, Faheem Hussain writes

Recap report: Index 2020 vision

alt informationWith internet freedom currently a hot topic of conversation Index on Censorship, in collaboration with Doughty Street Chambers, hosted an esteemed panel of speakers to debate the question: 'Who runs the internet?'

2020 vision: Who runs the internet?

Index on Censorship, in association with Doughty Street Chambers, invites you to attend our high-level panel discussion asking who runs the internet?

Australia: Authorities want ISPs to police the web

alt informationThe government will consider various legal means to provide a “legal incentive” for internet service providers to collaborate with copyright owners to combat infringements, Binoy Kampmar writes

Turkey’s internet law following nebulous drafting process

alt informationSome freedom of speech activists insist that the most effective resistance to censorship will be promoting internet security, writes Catherine Stupp