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Major new global free expression index sees UK ranking stumble across academic, digital and media freedom

alt informationA major new global ranking index tracking the state of free expression is published today

Who is 2022’s Tyrant of the Year?

alt informationChoose from our shortlist of 12 despots and vote on who you think has done most to crack down on freedom of expression this year

“Imagine the conversation between Bolsonaro and Erdogan”

alt informationProtests during mourning for Queen Elizabeth have been distasteful but not illegal. How should we express our feelings about some of the guests attending Monday's state funeral?

Quiz: How well do you know your ‘complicity’ facts?

alt informationTake our quiz to see how well you know your 'complicity' facts

Contents: Border forces: how barriers to free thought got tough

alt informationThe autumn 2019 edition of Index on Censorship magazine looks at how border controls round the world have got tougher and are proving barriers to free expression

Border Forces

alt informationThe autumn 2019 Index on Censorship magazine looks at how borders round the world are getting tougher and preventing the exchange of ideas

Podcast: Border forces with Peppermint, Ariana Drehsler and Steven Borowiec

alt informationThe autumn Index on Censorship magazine podcast with Peppermint, Ariana Drehsler and Steven Borowiec exploring how travel restrictions at borders are limiting the flow of free thought and ideas

Why we find it impossible to talk about birth, death and marriage

alt informationBirth, marriage and death–these are key staging posts. And that’s one reason why this issue looks at how taboos around these subjects have a critical impact on our world.

Worst countries for restrictions on religious freedom

alt informationSome of the worst countries for religious freedom are Burma, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China, Eritrea, Iran