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European democracies fail to live up to their own standards on freedom of the press

alt informationFreedom of the press has always been a pretty reliable litmus test for the state of any democracy. However, as Index on Censorship’s Mapping Media Freedom project shows

Index Awards Fellowship: The day after winning, it’s right back to surviving

alt informationAlmost a year on from the 2015 Index awards, we catch up with last year’s winners to draw some inspiration for the free speech battles ahead

Ukraine: Journalists face violence on all fronts

alt informationSince October 2015, Index on Censorship's Mapping Media Freedom project has recorded a total of 40 verified violations against press freedom in Ukraine, six of which took place in Crimea.

Cuban artists still condemned to silence

alt informationDissident artists are no better off post-Fidel, and renewed relations with the US haven't helped as many hoped or claimed they would

Angola: Nicki Minaj concert causes controversy

alt informationAs far as reasons to lambast or draw controversy from the head of state in Angola go, you’d expect his taste in music to be some way down the rather long list

Was the #BrusselsLockdown just the latest in a series of Belgian media violations?

alt informationFollowing the murderous barbarism in France last month, a state of alert was subsequently declared in Belgium amid concerns that a "Paris-style" attack

Violence against media in Croatia rises, say latest Index reports

alt informationCroatia may be a “free” country, but attacks and threats against journalists remain a serious concern

How free is the media in Turkey?

alt informationThe pre- and post-election period in Turkey has seen a mass of violations meted out against media workers. Here are just five examples of how press freedom is on the wane in Turkey

Flag Day: The illusion of progress in Azerbaijan

alt informationAs Azerbaijan celebrates its sovereignty, here’s a reminder to the country's leaders of the glaring improvements needed before they can earn their stripes

Malaysia: Zunar mounts constitutional challenge to Sedition Act

alt informationThe artist and his lawyers filed applications to have their cases referred to the high court, mounting a constitutional challenge

Student reading lists: Music and censorship

alt informationTo mark the launch of the Music In Exile Fund, Index on Censorship has compiled a reading list of articles that have appeared in the magazine since 1982 and deal with censorship and music

Newsnight: David Aaronovitch debates free speech and universities

alt informationOne of the truly great things about being a student used to be the exposure university life gave you to all sorts of views -- absurd and