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Guatemalan newspaper faces cyber attacks after exposing corruption

The Guatemalan daily El Periódico and Fundación MEPI have published an exposé of corruption in the current Guatemalan government. The story, with information and documents gathered during the first year in office of president Otto Perez Molina and vice president Roxana Baldetti, detailed a multi-million dollar web of corruption in a country where 50 per cent of the population lives on less than two dollars a day. After the story was published on 8 April, the newspaper was immediately the hit with a cyber attack, according to El Periodico’s publisher, José Rubén Zamora. The website went dead and nobody could read the story for a few days. Readers who did manage to access the website had their computers infected with a virus. [...]

Survivor speaks out against impunity in Guatemala civil war trial

Oscar Ramirez wants to open his own business. He wants to learn air conditioning and plumbing. He is dreaming big. “I don’t want to work for someone else all my life,” he told me last week. His dreams are basic. Just a few weeks ago, Oscar and his wife Nidia were undocumented immigrants living in […]

Guatemala: What happened at Dos Erres?

This week, a remarkable six-month investigation into a Guatemalan tragedy which took place 30 years ago was published and aired by ProPublica, Fundacion MEPI and This American Life.  Finding Oscar: Massacre, Memory and Justice in Guatemala, dealt with violence and redemption in ways most stories cannot. In 1982, a squad of army commanders stormed the […]

Guatemala: Six TV stations closed due to political pressure

Six TV stations have been forced to close in Guatemala, as a result of political pressure. Local stations in Mazatenango, Southern Guatemala were closed by Cable DX, after local mayor Roberto Lemus told the company he would not stand for criticism of his administration. TVI, which is managed by the Mayor’s nephew, is the only TV station now […]

Guatemala: Legacy of civil war damages press freedom

A barely concealed battle is brewing in Guatemala over the legacy of the 38-year civil war which ended in 1996. It has affected press freedom, especially journalists who write about human rights abuses during the civil conflict. Recently, three journalists were included in a demand put before the Guatemalan Courts, which charges more than 50 people with […]

Guatemala : Free press threatened by paramilitaries and vigilantes

Threats against freedom of the press in Guatemala have been highlighted by the case of freelance journalist Lucia Escobar. While government directed attacks against the press are not currently an issue, paramilitary groups could still pose a threat to journalists. Death threats forced Escobar to flee her home with her family after she denounced a vigilante group in […]

For Zetas, Guatemala is the new Mexico

Mexico’s most ruthless drug cartel, the Zetas, have expanded throughout Guatemala in the last four years to the point where they control three quarters of the drug trade in this strategically-placed Central American country. With a new President about to be elected, Guatemala faces the expanding drug war with a weakened and corrupted military and police […]

Murder of Facundo Cabral a blow to free speech

The recent murder of Argentine singer Facundo Cabral in Guatemala is an incredible tragedy. Cabral, a pacifist and one of Latin America’s most celebrated protest singers, left his country in 1973 for almost a decade after a military junta took over and during a campaign of state-sponsored violence carried out major human rights violations. He died in a […]

Gunmen kill Guatemalan TV reporter

Two unidentified gunmen killed veteran reporter Rolando Sántiz and injured cameraman Antonio de León as the men drove to their offices at the national TV station, Telecentro 13 in Guatemala City. Read more here

Centro de Reportes Informativos sobre Guatemala (CERIGUA)

Centro de Reportes Informativos sobre Guatemala produces and distributes news and reports information from across Guatemala, CERIGUA also works on a number of topics at the national level, including freedom of expression and women’s, indigenous, mining and agrarian issues, among others.